Charion Co., Ltd. CEO Teppei Tsunoda is appointed as a visiting professor at << Professional University of Information and Management for Innovation >>

Charion Co., Ltd., which develops state-of-the-art dental oral care product services, is pleased to announce that Teppei Tsunoda, CEO of our company, has been appointed as a visiting professor at <> from October 2022.

About <>

Professional University of Information and Management for Innovation is a new learning platform in collaboration with industry.
In order to make full use of ICT and create innovation in society, we have arranged a large number of project-type curricula that allow students to improve their own skills over four years while stepping through the stages from basics, application, practice, and realization.
You can always learn in practice while learning the business and ICT knowledge and skills necessary for an innovator, as well as communication skills.

Message for Students
* Excerpt from iU introduction page

I’m a Hakata kid who only knew about karate and local festivals, but I started a business from scratch in Tokyo, made a lot of friends, and challenged myself on the world stage.
Life is full of challenges, but you can always overcome them. All worries and trials are training for growth. If you make an effort, you will be able to see the next world and stage.
Let’s change the future together! Live your best life! Fighting! !

Profile of Teppei Tsunoda


Born June 17, 1984 in Fukuoka Prefecture. After graduating from university, he worked for a general trading company as a new graduate. He was scouted by a listed company headquartered in Tokyo and moved to Tokyo at the age of 26.
After that, he achieved high sales performance in the company and became the top sales person. While working as a sales person, he realized the potential of the oral care business and established Charion Co., Ltd. in 2015.
We manufacture, develop, and sell whitening and various other oral care products and services based on our corporate philosophy of “Make the best smile in the world.”
He actively supports developing countries and various social contribution activities, such as holding “tooth brushing classes” in Japan and overseas to teach children the importance of preventing tooth decay.
Currently, more than 6,500 stores in Japan that have introduced Charion service, and they have been selected as one of the 100 hottest companies in Asia, and also expanding overseas.

Company Profile

Company Name:CHARION Co. Ltd
CEO:Tsunoda Teppei
Address: 4F BPR Place Kamiyacho, 1-11-9 Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0041, Japan
Business Description: Development and sales of oral care products, development and sales of BIHAKU series, media business, whitening net